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Binary option trading is a quick and convenient way of making money and an individual does not need to have any expert knowledge of the markets to be successful in binary options trading. StockFair is one of the trading platforms that have emerged over the recent past due to the increasing popularity of the binary options trading. StockFair review is aimed at covering all the tools and features offered by the platform to make binary trading a highly profitable enterprise for the novices in the field.

StockPair of its features proves it a user-friendly platform that allows the binary options traders to avail the entire essential and certain advancedoptions to make binary trading a high profit yielding choice. The traders can choose one touch, sixty second, options builder or binary META options for trading various assets including stocks, currency pairs, indices and numerous commodities including oil and gold. The binary options traders have to make a prediction regarding the expected behavior of the chosen asset and wait for the outcome.

StockPair indicates a profit yielding percentage of more than 87% on the trades that are carried out on the platform. The binary options trader is required to choose an asset and make predictions regarding the future value of the asset by choosing the call and put options. If the outcome of the prediction favors the trader, he would be guaranteed to earn high profits; otherwise he would suffer a loss. The platform provides the interface for options trading along with graphs that help the traders in making educated decisions regarding the future behavior while keeping the past behavior in perspective.

The platform also provides online support from experts in the field. The traders are required to have at least a balance of $500 to begin trading on assets. The payments methods are flexible and the binary options traders can transfer or draw out funds at their own convenience. Apart from PayPal, the platform also allows funds transfer through Money Booker. The platform has clear terms of trade and provides the binary traders with the privacy and security that they require. The personal data is kept confidential and is not shared with any third party unless specified by the client. The European Data Protection Laws are followed by the platform and the traders have rights under these specific laws.

StockPair Trading Platform by the clients has been largely positive and the users have found it highly useful regardless of their level of expertise. StockPair broker review has been positive due to the flexibility of the trading methods, variety of available options and convenience that it provides to the binary options traders. It is undoubtedly the ideal platform for options trading as it offers ready support and urgent assistance to the traders along with providing graphical tools for assisting in making educated predictions regarding the behavior of the assets.