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Tech Financial

Tech Financial is not just a professional in trading binary options but also provides its partners with online software systems for binary options trading. Their Ocra+ trading technology is complete with a pricing engine, a user’s management module and a module for financial instruments. The pricing engine is perhaps the most useful component of Ocra+ created by the algorithm and software development experts of Tech Financial platform. This pricing engine allows production of real time market fair value prices within minutes and hours and even for exotic options.

Once these realistic prices have been produced, the financial instruments module can offer the following attractive binary options for traders or users:

• Touch/No Touch: A touch financial instrument is one whose outcome depends primarily on the price; if the market prices does or does not reach the target price by the expiration date.

• High/Low: The current market price plays the most important role in these financial instruments and work when users decide whether the future market price will be higher or lower compared to current market price at the expiration point.

• Boundary: This type of instrument offered by Tech Financial Trading is very useful because it revolves around an upper end target price and a lower end target price. Therefore, what matters is the expiry price in comparison to the boundary range.

• The Ocra+ pricing system of Tech Financial offers the owner the position of holding fair value price, which can be sold prior to expiration. Having a real time fair value of currently open positions in the system allows the users to hold higher trading volumes all around the world.

For traders, in addition to having the option of investing in the best binary options, the availability of the user management module is also significant. Tech Financial user management module allows allocation of minimum and maximum trade values and amounts of deposits in addition to exposure and risk level. This gives the user of this technology at Tech Financial Platform, the complete control of accounts revenue maximization. Another great aspect of user management is the API technology, which allows the integration or collaboration of two different binary trading platforms using the same account balance. Businesses can either choose to select the built-in package applications or they can use their technology can replace specific components, as required. This is a reason why Tech Financial is gaining popularity with traders who wish to diversify their trading skills and maximize their revenue earning sources through trading.

Like many other trading platforms, traders can also access the customer service of Tech Financial Platform easily in order to get their questions and queries answered. The entire system software is extremely easy to use for businesses and individual traders alike and the configuration settings and solutions provided by TechFinancial are innovative and adaptive to every trading system. So if you are looking for a binary options trading platform or solutions provider, consider Tech Financial trading today.